ASP.NET MVC #1 - An Introduction

In these series, I will explore how MVC works, How ASP.NET Core works, compare it to ASP.NET then will deep into more detailed topics related to ASP.NET 5.

For these series, I will use Visual Studio 2015, however, as of now, Visual Studio Community edition 2017 is released which you can download from here

Description of MVC

“ASP.NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and that gives you full control over markup for enjoable, agile development.” -

Understanding ASP.NET Core

“ASP.NET Core is a lean framework for building web and cloud applications. It is fully open source and available on GitHub.” -

ASP.NET Core was originally called ASP.NET 5 however since it’s built from scratch it is now known as ASP.NET Core.