Installing OpenAlpr on MacOSX

OpenAlpr is a great open source Automatic Licence Plate Recognition Library. However I had few struggles in the installation on MacOSX and used Ubuntu on VM instead. The main problem was with the update on the Tesseract from 3.03 to 3.04. Few days ago, the developers trained the data set again for the updated Tesseract and I decided to have a go at the installation again. Here are my steps.

Installing Dependencies with Homebrew

brew install tesseract --devel
brew install cmake
brew tap homebrew/science
brew install opencv
brewinstall log4cplus

Building the package

git clone
cd openalpr/src
mkdir build
cd build

Up to here, everything is exactly same with their guide, however, every time I tried to continue, I was having an error and after searching their Q&A database, I found that I needed to add the line “link_directories(/usr/local/lib/)” to the file “CMakeLists.txt” and then continue with the following.

sudo make install

Then if everything went fine, it should be installed and ready to go. You can test it by downloading a license plate image from google and use


Country code can be “us” for United States and “eu” Europe plates.